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hl_atb_e3 verHL e3
[ Download from this server (14.27 Mb) ] 12.04.2010, 22:04
HL_ATB version "e3"

Version 1
•Real Ukrainian Supermarket АТБ™;
•1 Respawn place :(
Version e2
•Added more respawn places;
•Added real Houses;
•Added waypoints for bots
 Version e3
•Added more respawn places
•Fixed waypoints
•Added more power-ups
Version hl_e3
•Added hl respawns and weapons
Mapper: [NO_FIRE]Tom_Winkler
site: www.specialistsmod.net.ru

Реальная часть Украинского города Харьков ночью . Супермаркет - хорошее место для тренировки кунг-фу и снайперских навыков. Увы , на покупки не хватит времени...

The real part of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv in the night. Supermarket - a good place to practice kung-fu and sniper skills. Alas, the purchase is not enough time ...
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