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The various stunts that can be performed are all dependent on the gauge to the left of your crosshair. You will notice that when you move the mouse up and down, the dot in the gauge will move up and down as well, depending on where you look. The position of this dot when you perform a move dictates the kind of stunt you can do. Because the gauge is split into 3 categories, we will call them high, medium and low moves. Sounds complicated? In a way it is, but all of the following soon becomes second nature.


W    -     Move Forward
A    -     Move Left
S    -     Move Back
D    -     Move Right
Shift    -     Walk
Ctrl    -     Duck
Spacebar    -     Jump
1    -     Melee Weapon
2    -     Main Weapon
3    -     Sub-machineguns Weapon
4    -     Shotguns\Rifles
E    -    Use\Pick up powerup or weapon
Q    -     Stunt button
R    -     Reload\Block
T    -    Throw
H - Spray
G - Use weapon item
F - Change fire mode
Z   -   Use powerup
X   -   Thirdperson
V   -   Stock attack