The Specialists Team

Thanks to all those who made this mod a reality...

Core Team:

-Filippo "Morfeo" De Luca : Leader, Head-Coder, Head-Animator, Head-Skinner, Modeller, Mapper and all the small things.

-Lorenzo "John_Matrix" Pasini : Co-Leader, Head-Modeller, Head-Public Relations

-Jorge "Vino" Rodriguez ( : Coder

-Menso "Atomic Shiva" von Ehrenstein ( : Sound Artist

Official mappers:

-3D-Mike ( : Mapper (special thanks for promotional TS animation and his professional help to TS)

-Cayle George ( : Mapper

-Doeke "Clan-Killer" Wartena ( : Mapper (special thanks for modelling the seal knife 2000)

-Scott "Dredd" Winchester ( : Mapper

-Andreas "Evil_T@xi" Braunagel : Mapper

-Kruxus : Mapper

-Manah : Mapper

-Mazy : Mapper (

-Matthew "Schmung" Carter ( : Mapper (special thanks for beretta models and other assorted stuff) 

-Sm0lders : Mapper

-WillSchnevel ( : Mapper

-X-Tender : Mapper (


-Michele "SuperNovae" De Luca : Skinning help on some player models

-Alan Pipitone : 2D Artist

-Giulio "Maik" Redina : Weapon Consultant

-Monkey Man : Initial Beretta Compiles

-Creeping Jesus : Beretta Skin

-X-Convict : UMP Skin

-Kissle : UMP Skin


-Agent Rifter

-Chan Kong-sang ( (special thanks for forums administration and betatest server hosting)

-Doctor Shaft

-Andrew "icu" Carvalho


-Robert "Feixeno" Costello 

-Joel "Flakk-" ( (special thanks for moderating forums)


-Mew (special thanks for TS trailers)

-Ben "Nashwan" Whittingham (special thanks for the TS manual)

-Necro (special thanks for betatest server hosting)


-Erik "Tempyst" Marks ( (special thanks for the alternate weapon reload animations)

-That One Guy (many thanks for weapon balancing)

-Brian "Veridian" Torres (special thanks for the betatest server hosting)

Morfeo would like to thank:

Germano "Uoz" Guerrini
Holy Wars Team

Vino would like to thank:

Kuja and Digital Paintball for the splat decals.
omega and the FLF team for help with an occasional problem.
Debian Linux for having only one install CD, and Gentoo Linux for being so cool.

And thanks to all of the Release Candidate testers, who were an invaluable help in the development of this mod.

Previous Contributors:

Fabrizio "WarFox" Bernardi : Public Relations, Web work (special thanks for the web work)
Pierpaolo "Quakeman" Greco : Public Relations (special thanks for the PR work)
Marco "Omega" Capone : Webdesigner, Skinner
Francesco "Guybrush T." Degrassi : Linux porting 

Graograman (Tecnical Consulant & community)
Holy Knight (Betatester)
Paddy (Betatester)
Sp@wn (Betatester)
U-Boat (Betatester)
Vokial (Betatester)
Komodo (Betatester)


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