Chars Eng

One of two characters from that famous "M-Movie" making an appearance 
in The Specialists. Unfeeling, and with the efficiency only a well programmed sentient program could posess, the agent is a force to be reckoned with. 
Castor Troy 

Armed with his trusty golden colts, and dressed to kill in his crushed velvet suit, Castor Troy is ready to "face off" against anyone... John Woo style. 
Gordon Freeman 

Half-life's famous action hero returns, and this time there is no Barney to slow him down. Gordon has swapped out his crowbar for a katana, and donned a trench coat instead of his cumbersome HEV suit. 
The Hitman 

This ruthless assassin fits naturally into The Specialists. Handguns? Sniper rifles? He uses them all with lethal effectiveness, and all the while dressed to kill in his well pressed business suit. 

Wake up Neo. The other character that appears in TS from the "M-Movie," Morph... er Laurence is ready to jack in and fight for you. Super jump not included. 

The first of two original TS characters, the Merc (short for mercenary), spends his time wearing a ski mask and taking over office buildings and ungaurded docks. 

The other original TS character, the Navy Seal is the yin to the Merc's yang. Cleaning up the mess the mercs create, counterhacking their computer terminals and defusing the bombs they have planted.