The infected mode

Its the unique mode which combines 2 mini gamemodes - escape and zombie infection. Gameplay is divided into 2 parts
In escape part players have to escape laboratory.
First 3 escaped players will be awarded by additional frags and credits. 
First place: 3 frags and 3000 credits
Second place: 2 frags and 2000 credits
Third place: 1 frag and 1500 credits
First zombie will be choosen randomly if everyone escaped successfully, but first 3 escaped players will have
additional chance not to be the first zombie. If some players failed escaping in time, they all will be infected 
instead of choosing first zombie randomly

Zombie mod begins after escape part. Alive players have to survive, and zombies have to infect alive players.
To infect someone zombie have to take down alive players HP. Health of infected player displayed above standart HP hud.
As a rule, all zombies have 400 healthpoints.

Zombies can use all types of melee weapons.
If humans or zombies win, game will start from Escape round. 
If this round ends in a draw, then will be started
another one Infection round.

All zombies have RAGE meter which accumulates when zombie take damage. With every 25% rage zombies get powerup.
For now, there are 5 Rage powerup types:
1) Concentrate (+2 seconds of slow-mo each 25% rage)
2) Unstopable (+1 seconds of slow-pause each 25% rage)
3) Nimble (+2 seconds of Rate Of Fire each 25% rage + katana after getting infected)
4) Juggernaut (+150 HP if hardly injured each 50% rage)
5) Hoarder (+1 Combat knife each 25% rage + 5 seconds of Infinite ammo on 100% rage)
Infection can spread without zombie activity
(It works only with 3 or more players)
If zombie can not infect nobody for 90 seconds, infection spreads on random player.
Infection can be spreaded untill there will be only one alive player

Our servers

all servers use dproto so you can play from non-steam clients

To play on experimental zombie server you need to download additional resource pack.

When you join our server, you need to download additional content (maps, models, sounds etc.). This is once-only procedure, and you wont need to download it again except further updates.
 It will take long time if you try to download it ingame, but you can download it much faster from our link (Look for the link there when everything will be ready)

Also in File catalog you can download additional player models. If somebody uses character which you dont have, you will see him as Gordon, standart player model. So come in and download additional characters

All our servers have overall statistic, where you can see your kills\deaths count, weapon info and different awards

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